Born and raised in the Portland area we know what makes this place unique. We can appreciate a great cup of coffee and definetly aren't scared away with a little rain.

Wether skiing, hiking or just relaxing by the fire we always enjoyed going up to Timberline Lodge. You know the feeling that comes from seeing craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. It was this feeling that we think is missing from many construction projects today. The name Timberline Structures LLC helps to remind us of our goal to work in harmony with these values.


It's more than a figure of speech when we say that "Timberline Structures LLC is a family". We really are a family business and we value what that means. Unlike other companies our goal isn't growth; we want to stay a small company that can focus on quality and customer service. "Less is more", we believe that and know that a smaller well trained crew is far more efficient than having many unqualified people. Most of us have worked together for almost 20 years which is a rare thing in todays construction market.


Our brooms are just as important to us as our hammers. A clean job site is a matter of course and this is always appreciated by our clients and neighbors. We know construction workers have gotten a bad image, but we're trying to change that. You'll find that we're all easily approachable and strive to maintain clean language and habits.

We also enjoy volunteering our time in the local community and abroad. After hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast we assisted an organization that repaired and rebuilt over 5,000 homes!